Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pono Ko Bal-leng?

After posting the "heart-rending" Crocodile tears, I received a note from an artist whose works I truly admire. He said that I reminded him of the days when he was just starting out and that he could hardly bear to watch another artist struggle because he knows how's it like. He offered help in case I ran into another financial setback and gave me valuable advice.

I never knew him personally so I searched articles about him and found out that the artist whose works I admire has already made a name in the international scene. His clients include Hewlett Packard and R&B superstar Usher just to name a few. The first thing that came to mind was "could there be a humbler and more generous man out there who goes out of his way to offer assistance to someone he doesn't even know?" And I look at his artworks right now with a renewed and greater respect for the artist who knows how's it like. To you bro, thank you. It's great to have people like you around

I promise not to whine in this blog anymore. After all, who am I to complain when others are losing their homes and their loved ones. I can still consider my self a lucky bastard who's surrounded by great people. So now I'm taking this chance to thank you my friends and visitors for your continued support.

If I may, I would also like to thank Liberts, Girl Gf, DD, Mimi, MJ, Tseri, Galatea and to everyone who linked, suggested and featured my works in their blogs and websites for having faith in me. Not only had you given me a chance to do what I do by commissioning me but you've also given me a breather and done an excellent job promoting my work however small you claim that effort was. Just so you know, it's already spreading like wildfire that I might stop accepting commissions for a month or two to make way for an artwork that I'm most dying to paint. This you must watch out for!;)

I didn't intend to make this very long so thank you if you've reached this point. To my friends who are curious about my second attempt at oil painting... enjoy my self portrait!hahaha

Pono Ko Bal-leng?
"Pono Ko Bal-leng?"
36" x 48"
Oil on Canvas

Just kidding. This goes out to all the people who've left and are too busy to look back. Pono Ko Bal-leng? When are you coming home? Have a great weekend everyone!

PS: Special thanks to Nicole for going out her way to shoot and give me photo references of the kudyapi(two-stringed lute). She doesn't even know me.


  1. Bjornik, what an incredible and uplifting message to receive from another artist. And nothing makes me happier than to hear that you now have the freedom to paint what's in your heart. I am in complete awe and admiration of you.

    And this! This is your second oil painting? Oh, my dear, there is no medium you cannot master. This is heartbreaking and beautiful, with so much story in his pose. I love it. You are always full of happy surprises.

  2. The colours, the painting. Oh my God Bjornik this is incredible.

    I am so happy that other artist has contacted you and is encouraging you.

    Never lose faith.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  3. Hi Bella and Renee, thank you very much. I'm glad you ladies ike this painting eventhough it's kinda depressing. I believe there still hope for them. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.:)

  4. Bjornik, I can't believe this is only your second oil painting??? Are you kidding me? You are amazingly talented - I know it and one day the whole world will know this as well.

  5. Hi Shelly, it's so nice of you to fly by. It's not really a great feat coz I've been coloring most of life.:) This time, I just chose to use oil paint. But it already means the world to me knowing that there are people like you who trust in my talent.:)

  6. Bjornik you are wicked-amazing.

    The warrior is me as the inflammatory breast cancer showed up in the right breast and I felt like that was me. And then to have you describe me. I love it.

    I will let the fly know you said hi. She will bzzzzz with excitement.

    Love you. Renee xoxo

  7. Bjornik with you in my corner, how could I lose.

    Love you.


  8. Now I don't want you depressed, you have all of the talent and drive in the world to turn this around. You are an amazingly talented artist. Chin up my friend!

  9. Dearest Him-so-artistically-inclined

    Love the strokes, you have a way with which ever medium you decide to use! Stay adventurous!

    Paint the world!
    I'll be waching!

  10. This is absolutely fabulous! You know how long one has to work to achieve what you have in your second oil painting! You continue to blow me away. It's wonderful to see such work, now that I'm back! Bravo, dear one, bravo!

  11. The picture is a touch melancholic, but the technique is surely cool. All than in only your second attempt! Bravo!

  12. Bjornick,
    Great post! its okay to whine once in awhile..I had a great chat with you online.
    my next trip to Manila--I will definitely check out your work.I love the colors in this painting and the details! wonderful.


  13. first ... long time
    second .... you are really an artist ~~ a very artistic one ~^ i love this oil painting
    third .... na pa aray ako sa message ~~ busy ?? ~~ sino? bato bato sa langit ~~ aray ko.

  14. congratulations on your "Dichotomy of Man" made 2nd place in deviantart's WACOM competition!

  15. So you can paint too? Of course, what a multi talented soul you are. The painting is sad and beautiful. I look forward to seeing more of your work.