Monday, September 14, 2009

The STGCC '09 Experience

This is long overdue as the other artists might have already moved on. As for my self, I am still hanging over the STGCC experience because it was one of the best things that happened to me this year. It was also my first time in Singapore, which made it more exciting. Anyway, I went there very unprepared. I only brought some gift cards I won from dA and Wacom's contest that I wasn't even able to use and cash that only lasted four days. Most of it were just wasted on the framing materials for my original works. I was also very busy with the final preparations when I could have wandered around and meet up with college friends.

I shared my booth in the Artist Alley with Asuka and we have agreed that I make use of the walls and she takes 1 panel and the table for her poster and miniatures. We were so MFEO that we had saved much space and allowed visitors to step in our booth. We were also situated just across ToysREvil and the event's Walk of Fame where Joe LedBetter, Tan Eng Huat, Gary Baseman and Brian Bolland were busy signing autographs. Their visitors were spilling over into our booth that I would step out just to give them a minute with my artworks.

Most of my visitors who I had the chance to talk with were congratulating me for winning the Wacom contest, they were mostly members of deviantArt who were surprised to see me there. It's flattering that they easily identified the DOM and couldn't tell my originals from a print. My friend Aries, an avid follower of my work, told me how frustrated she was with my hand in most of my drawings I posted online and that I should do away the hands. I was delighted to meet all of them, my online buddies and see my idols in real life. I was so star-struck, I couldn't look them in the eye. Still I managed to have a photo taken with the Simon Legno of Tokidoki. Who can resist the guy, he's so gorgeous!hahaha

Aside from the very talented artists in the alley, I also met the people of Kult, NewWebPick, CG+, LucasFilms, Animax, Pani and Wacom who expressed interest in my work. I hope something good will come out from those meetings soon. Speaking of Wacom, the greatest surprise came from Sandara, the artist who won 1st place in the Bring Your Vision to Life contest. I had told her a few months ago that I might join the convention, didn't expect that she will actually visit me there and buy my work.^^

STGCC is a very enjoyable and enriching experience for me and it's something that I would recommend to other aspiring artists who has done a considerable body of works . Though I must admit that the whole thing wasn't cheap and that I didn't make much from the event due to poor planning and my inexperience. I'm very grateful for the opportunity though and I would like to take this chance to thank the "3,000+" people who supported me and bought my postcards.hehehe

My 12-artwork series Shah Matt printed as postcards.

Of course, all these wouldn't have been possible if P.I. had not invited me. Thanks to everyone especially Meredith for being very patient with all my queries. It also helped a lot that I have very supportive friends who now reside in Singapore. If it weren't for my former roommate Menk's all-out support, I would have not come either. I love you man!tsup! Much love goes to Nipsydoo who helped me transport and prepare my artworks and to Eyn who tirelessly promoted my booth to her friends. She helped me set up and visited me daily in the convention. Of course I need to mention that Dr. Worm and Pancho Paniyo were also there for the most part of my stay in Singapore and that I still don't know how I ended up sleeping in the kitchen during the first night!

To my friends, old and new, who were there to support me and to everyone who dropped by my booth for a chat or simply out of curiosity... Thank you very much and hope to see you again next year!

PS: Dr. Worm fetch me from the airport along with Menk and PP. He also introduced me to Con who finished for its soft launch.


  1. Heyyyyy, the booth looks faaaaantastic! See your wall there? That's what my new home is gong to look like after I acquire all your work. :) Oh, and how could I forget. I'll take some postcards, too, please. xoxoxo

  2. Oh, you might want to check the link to your new site. It's not working from here. :(

  3. Wow! That's so impressive! Gorgeous display!

  4. I hope you don't take the advice on the hand photos; I'm always particularly fascinated by the shots which include your hand!

  5. that is definitely stunning! your work is amazingly detailed.

  6. Since you mention it, when are you going to remove the HANDS !!! ^_^

  7. Thank you again for being my booth-mate! And sorry for being so panicky over here and there. ^^;

  8. all i can say is WOW. proud of u.