Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thank You!

The past month has been very eventful for me. I had my first public appearance at STGCC where I met old buddies, new friends and great artists. While everyone was cheering me on and congratulating me for the momentary success, my computer crashed and I lost all the valuable data I had for the last 2 months. And that's mainly why I have not updated this blog. So to everyone who has visited and supported me with notes, thank you very much. It means a lot to me.:)

I am not here to whine but to focus more on the blessings I've had this year. And since I just turned 28, a fact that I thought I'd successfully hidden from my stalker Bella Sinclair, I will be enumerating my litany of gratitudes to all who made things possible for me.. Like a real adult.;P

I have been blessed by a very loving and supportive family. As I watched young couples with very annoying kids, I realized that my parents were very patient with of a young Björnik. They never asked anything from me either, other than to give my very best in everything I do. They also worked hard so I could have good education, another thing that I'm very lucky to have.

In school, I met the most intelligent, interesting, talented and fun friends. They are very supportive and were essential in the success I've had recently. Some helped me out in the licensing and other legalities, some I pester to critic my works and proofread my posts, some stayed up late to photograph my artworks, Mimi introduced me to a very valuable person, my former roommate sponsored my STGCC booth and my past housemates and friends provided me shelter and food when I was in Singapore. I also remember Urkyules buying me a beer when I was flat broke early this year. Everyone was very proud of me as they promoted my works.

I also noticed that friends and followers of this blog have been featuring my works in their own, others suggested them in major art communities and general-interest websites. To you, who's reading this now, thank you!^^ Just recently, I found out the big hand who helped me gear up for my recent successes, he was responsible for the most part and I couldn't thank him more. It's artists like him that should be conferred the national artist award and not some random megalomaniac.(no pun intended hehe) Their efforts have not gone unnoticed as it opened new opportunities for me where I got to work with the most amazing people. I would be remiss if I didn't mention Meredith of P.I., Lisa of Kult, Julien of Skinizi and Hendrik of Gestalten. By the way, the second book where I am featured as one of the artists is now out. You can grab your copy at If you are curious about the first one, please visit my facebook page.

In spite of losing my data, I can still smile and think of these people. Just thinking of the wonderful times with them makes me believe that anything is possible for me. Next week, I will talk about my STGCC experience and the wonderful people I met there. No artworks for now but I'll make up for it next time.^^


  1. You have my sympathies mate. I know all too well the dangers of allowing the I.T. gremlins to take hold. Happened to me a couple of months back too. Fortunatly I learned a valuable lesson early on that back up is the only rule you need to follow. Congrats on all your recent success. The only way is up, eh?

  2. Birthday greetings & sorry about the HDD mishap. Since most of your cool art comes from your head and flows onto paper via your hands...we can look forward to newer designs! Congratulations on the STGCC success :)

  3. Stalker. That's a term of endearment.


  4. Mick and Justdoodleit: Thank you very much. Now I feel the advantage of drawing traditionally, should have listened to my instinct. But yes, I've got everything on paper, except for the last 3 digital illustrations I'm saving for my stalker.

    To my one and only stalker: Of course, it's a term of endearment my dear. I would not want any other stalker but you. By the way, have you made up your mind about the trade? I'm really no match to your research skills you know.;) I'll be giving you my surprise very soon!

  5. Hi, I'm chilean, your have beatiful work in this blog, congratulations, paty

  6. I am totally pissed off I missed your birthday. Bella even told me about it ahead, but one crisis after another. No excuse.

    I love you Bjornik and you are incredible.

    Happy Birthday.

    Love Renee xoxox

  7. Bjornik what would a very tiny little piece an original piece of your art cost?

    Like if I asked you to draw a line, how much would that cost?

    Because you know you are going to be the next big thing.

    Love Renee xoxo

  8. Oh Gosh! Hope you've backed up your data ..... though in general, this is hardly the case, especially someone lazy like me.

    Anyway, Happy belated B'day !