Saturday, January 16, 2010

Phosphene #9

I am back home for two weeks now but I still haven't gone back to the swing of things. I am feeling a bit lazy. I left boxes unopened in the garage, books and magazines sprawling in the living room and large canvases encroaching the kitchen. But I managed to hang some artworks in the bedrooms even though most of the frames were damaged during the move. I wish I have my own room back and a stable internet connection to go with it.

To my friends who received messages from me in Facebook and Yahoo! Messenger, that was not me. It's a virus that had successfully attacked my computer and sent itself through my online accounts, I hope you didn't click those links and I apologize for the inconvenience it may have caused you. And to those who emailed me, I'll answer all of you soon!:)

I'm currently working on this new artwork that may be part of the opening exhibit of a new gallery in Makati, Philippines this February. I'm going to show 2-4 pieces there depending on how fast my wrist recovers but I am not sure if I'm going to show my self since I have not yet recovered from my recent jetlag.hehe Had I known I'm going to be invited then I should have not come home yet. Anyway, hope to see all of my Manila friends soon and may the rest of you find inspiration in this new Phosphene. Take care everyone!:)


  1. She is a symphony for the eyes. xoxo

  2. Oshet! Was in Manila nung Feb. Ang kaso halos di kita makita sa chat tapos pag nakita naman kita lagi ka naman busy. It would've been an opportunity sana makita ko yung art works mo na ubod ng ganda. Nakita na nga kita pero yung mga gawa mo hindi pa. Napakasaklap! Hehe. See you when I see you Bjron pero baka dahil big time ka na, di mo na ako kilala. Haha. =P