Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

The past two months had been great. I got the chance to work with the uber creative people of one of the country's top advertising agencies for a special project and a client who I already met last November. I illustrated for this client's cousin who I keep on referring to in this blog as MJ. It was a wish come true since I'd secretly hoped that she let me do one personal artwork for her. I also have a series of great projects lined up that will keep me occupied in the coming months. And to make up for the probable lack of posts, I am posting this phosphene. 

I am not very happy about how this turned out but I'm glad that my wrist can finally take a rest. But I might will edit this later.:P This is dedicated to all the loving mothers out there, belated happy mother's day!:)


  1. Thank you!!! How very sweet and how beautiful!

  2. there are so many amazing details in your art! I would love to see this and others in person, just to take it all in. You are so gifted and every time you post something I lean in to admire and enjoy! Congratulations on all your wonderful projects and connections. You deserve a live of dreams come true.

  3. I really like that you highlight your details for us viewers. Beautiful work as always! I am so glad to read things are going well for you!