Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Phosphene. New Website. New store.

I'm already down to my last four Phosphenes and probably the last pen & ink drawings you'll see around here. With the time spent in each artwork, I could have created three watercolor paintings at least. And I wouldn't have been suffering from this much pain. If you're interested in commissioning me, now is the best time to send your requests. I only have two slots left. Below is a picture of my latest artwork and my not so fashionable wrist brace. is already live. I didn't announce it here because I had been contemplating on whether to keep this blog or not. I met a lot of great friends and had fond memories of exciting projects and collaborations because of this blog. It's not easy to throw it all away. And besides, this service is absolutely free.haha When my domain and hosting expire, you know where to find me.;)

Last week, Rob of Artsprojekt offered me a new way of getting my artworks more accessible to everyone. And when I say everyone, that includes artists, skaters, housewives, infants, even dogs. If your pet goldfish wanted a shirt, they'd probably have the perfect size for it. The store sells almost everything but I've limited my options to shirts, shoes and skateboards. I made the prettiest skateboards, I doubt if anyone's gonna ride them. Just check them out at Björnik's Ink well, they go well with this equally gorgeous shoosies.:)

I never had any experience designing shoes. Good thing the colorway is customizable.


  1. Mr. Bjornik, do they not offer your designs on wrist braces as well? Hmmm, pity.

    Weeeeeeee! You know I will have to get some shoes. Hmmmm, which one.... I may enjoy sticking my foot in Ces's head.

    Congratuulations! Everything looks so COOOOOOOL!

  2. Oh, I hope your wrist heals! I wonder if acupuncture or magnets would help you out? This shoe is wonderful and I will miss your wonderful posts here. I will have to visit you at your other place to keep up with your amazing art! Wishing you well.

  3. Oh Bella!haha I will just try drawing over it with my left hand.

    Really? That's great, please send me a picture if you buy one. Too bad for the shoosies, they only mirror the designs. I intended to make two distinct faces for each pair.:(

    @ Tammie: Thank you! I am still under observation, if the pain doesn't subside then I'd definitely be given some acupuncture therapy.

  4. oh no! the wrist got worse? what happened?

    anyway, i think there's a way to connect your blog to your bjornik site. there's a setting here in blogspot which you can use to embed this blog to your site. then maybe you can just modify the template of this thing to match your website. or easiest way is to just redirect them here when they click on the blog link. then just provide links here para they can go back to the main site. anyway, just a suggestion.

    ingat ka dyan bjorn! text me when you find yourself in manila again. :)

  5. Wow! Looks great some kick @$$ shoe design that is :)

  6. I just customized my own Checkmate++ Pro-Keds Low top <3
    I so cant wait till they are shipped to me

    P.s. Hope your wrist heals fast =]

  7. Can I have one of those slots?