Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mechanical Demon

When I first learned about custom toys, I knew I had to try it. The opportunity came a year later when MOMO's Workshop contacted me to customize their Mechanical Demon. Who can resist painting on its gear monocle, fangs and the cute tongue?! It’s the perfect toy for me since there’s no need to get myself sculpey for features such as these. It was one daunting opportunity and one that may not knock again on my door. So I gave it a try even though I have zero experience and I'm just starting out with acrylic.


This blank demon arrived on my birthday, along with other great surprises. By the way, thanks to everyone who took the time to email me. And to the person who bought a pair of my Hear No Evil shoosies to start my day, you have no idea how you made my birthday extra special. I wish those shoes take you back here for me to thank you!

So the toy arrived earlier than I’d expected, which meant more time for me to think about the design and how to go about the project. Most of it was just spent on priming this polyresin toy. Please don't ask me how I did it coz I'm not telling.haha Anyway, the real challenge was restraining my self from putting too much detail and emulating my pen and ink using a paint brush. Not to mention the difficulty I still have with acrylic and maintaining a steady hand with the line work.

Mechanical demon

I hate to see this little fellow go but I have to send this back for the Unleash Your Inner Demon show in Hongkong. More details to follow. Thanks to Steven and Yun Meng for the privilege of customizing this toy, you guys are awesome!

My Neighbor MOMOro

And here's their best impression of My Neighbor Momoro!hehe


  1. hihi... What's not to love! Impishly delightful!

  2. Aiyah! I'm amazed and everyone in Hong Kong will be amazed too! Fab work - as ever!

  3. galeeeeng bai! love it!!!

  4. Oh! Fantastic. I love how you left so much white space, it really shows off your design. Congratulations!

  5. wow! he looks fantastic - love the simplicity yet striking black, white and red combination!