Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sakana No Oshiro

Sakana No Oshiro
"Sakana No Oshiro"
(Fish Castle)
9x12, Acrylic on Arches paper

A friend of mine informed me about an art show dedicated to Studio Ghibli and also urged me to give it a try saying that my style will go well with Hayao Miyazaki's art. I agreed to participate and planned to make a pen & ink rendition of Spirited Away. Unfortunately, the show didn't push through.

SNO detail 2

At that time, I was planning to quit pen and ink for good and try my hands on acrylic instead. I was just looking for the perfect opportunity when my friend Darth Vader told me she wanted to commission a Ghibli-inspired painting. I was hesitant at first as I didn't want to disappoint her with whatever comes out of my second attempt at acrylic.:P However, I don't think anyone can ever say no by the way she boosts one's confidence.

SNO detail 1

This 9x12" painting took me quite a while to finish. 90% of the time spent on mustering up the courage to hold a brush again. There are an infinite number of details that I could still put into it. But I had to send this fish castle and a few more surprises along to my friend to appease and sort of remind them of their "lost Disneyland adventure". I'm sure they'll never lose their way again.

The artwork at friend's house. I'm envious of her Howl's Moving Castle sculpture!:D


  1. Oh I envy your friend, that painting is great! Exciting inspiration as well. Lovley. It is so gentle and dreamy but still really colourfull and detailed :D As I do love Ghiblis artwork, it´s all good!

  2. Wow! A work in colour! Wonderful - you should do more!

    I am lost for words at all the beauty. How awesome! Thanks so much for stopping by. I so appreciate it. Hug to you!

  4. Oh, I agree completely with Caroline. You should do more!

  5. These are definitely fantastic! (And as seen above I am by far not alone in thinking so!)
    It is obvious that art is what you are meant to be doing!
    Take care and bring us all more of your magic!

  6. Brilliant and love the soft colors! The whimsical details are gorgeous!

  7. I get lost in works like this where there is so much going on. This obviously took a lot of creativity & foresight -well done!

  8. Just discovered this-- what a spectacular painting! So complex & yet such a light touch. Bravo!