Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye Tiger, Hello Dunny

It's finally here, the time we've all been waiting for. I don't know about you but most of the people around me made it a habit to delay the chance to make changes in their lives until the new year comes. Be it planning their diets, script writing, creating art, taking on a new career, brushing their teeth, moving on from a failed relationship and so on. For me this is the time I look back, reflect and plot my next moves like a responsible adult. I'm not sure about the last part though, because for the past three years it's all about me and my art. Thanks to my parents for being so considerate of this selfish child.hehe

Honestly, I never though of writing about the love affair I've had with 2010. But I owe it to the people who got me back on my feet and helped me make it through the crux of my so called "mid-life" crisis. I lost several dear friends this year, and it wasn't easy to let go of them. It shocked me to the very core that however clean and blameless one's life can be, it can still disappear at an instant. The untimely demise of my friends made me embrace life tighter and face the challenges it has to offer me. I have my whole loving family depending on me now, my aging parents, my sister and my nephew that I had to take care of offline. To my friends and online buddies who followed every new work and commented on them, thanks for the support. You have no idea how much your words mean to me. I'll make it up to you, I promise.

I wish to sum 2010 up with a list of every good thing that happened to me this year. But there's so much I have to thank for, especially the wonderful people I met and my very good friends who just got even better. So I decided to make this visual art summary instead and make a quick enumeration of this year's highlights with a single deep breath. Are you ready?;)


Moved back to my hometown, renovated our house and set up my own studio. Design six new food labels, created a large whimsical Philippine map and worked with Saatchi and Saatchi for an acquaintance's restaurant. Made a government agency's 15-year timeline look interesting. Drew for my friend and her pride, went to Manila just to personally deliver artworks and painted a castle for three lovely ladies. Talked to a international model and VJ about showing my works in Galle, ditched the idea after eight months. Finally some of my dreams came true, created an music album cover, original artwork exhibited across Germany and customized a vinyl toy. Painted again, attended STGCC for the second time and met new creative people that will certainly make my 2011 more colorful. *pants*


I don't have any concrete plans for 2011. But to give you an idea of what to expect, I'm leaving you with a photo of all the great stuff my very supportive friends gave me this year. There are also art commissions that I haven't posted here so you better watch out for a flurry of paintings and ink drawings. Anywayz, I need to brush my teeth now. Happy new year everyone!:D


  1. Hi Bjornik, long time no see. Hope you are doing well. You've had a full year, congrats on the commissions and I hope 2011 brings many more of your goals to the forefront. So much to be thankful for and yet so much to reflect and act on too.

    Like you, I can't say I make goals specifically for new years but I know where and what needs improving so I do tend to use the new years as an extra boost for me to focus.

    Luv the calendar above, specially the month of July!

    Have a wonderful New Years! But only if you brushed your teeth ok :)

  2. WOOOOOO, what an amazing year! What great accomplishments. It keeps getting better and better. I feel big things ahead for you in 2011, my dear friend.

    I need to see March more close up!

    Oh hey, what's that? Is that case on the far left there?


  3. Okay, I cannot help it anymore. I have to ask about your title: "Goodbye Tiger, Hello Dunny". Do you know that "dunny" is a slang word for toilet? An outhouse? Are you spending 2011 in the toilet? Hahahahaha! I hope not! Dunny as the toy is a slang combination of Devil's Bunny but to use it for the year of the rabbit not going to make rabbit people very happy. :( Heheheheh! You crack me up.

  4. Okay "crack" as in making me breal out into a smile. Don't let Bella Sinclair add to these comments. Happy New Year!

  5. @Ces: Are you on crack? Nakakatawa ka!haha

    @Bella: Hahaha! I told you it looks like one!:) Okay, I'll email that to you only if you could prepare a special roasted butternut squash for me!haha

  6. Well, that was some year!! Can't wait to see what wonderful new things you create in 2011 - Happy New Year, Bjornik!

  7. That Ces. She is cheeky.

    One butternut squash, coming right up! With a side of urchin.