Saturday, February 19, 2011

Society 6 Prints and Artistic 8 Feature

Hey guys! I added two new artworks available as prints at my Society 6 shop. Was very surprised to find out that I've actually sold a few of Ma Bella Luna. So thanks to everyone who supported me in this. Surprise me again and I might also consider selling the entire Phosphenes series, just kidding!

The good news is, Society6 is now selling mini prints. That means I don't have to worry about the details of the artworks being blown up. Just as long as you get the small or mini-sized prints, you'll have a print close to the original. To those interested in getting one, please take a moment to read the caveat before buying.

A study for my newest project that has nothing to do with this post.:P

About two years ago, I had my very first interview by way of email. I was asked to answer the same set of questions a select group of artists was answering. I didn't have the chance to ask what the project was all about because after sending my answers I didn't hear from the interviewer again. I was updating my facebook page this afternoon when a familiar name posted a link to the interview. Finally, my first interview was published. Thank you Deborah!:) You can read the feature at

And the best part of it, I was featured alongside my idols!:D


  1. I bet your idols are saying the same thing about you. :)

    Mmmm, this makes me salivate. Which reminds me. I must go bake some more tarts and gingerbread men.

  2. So cool and also creepy! Love the hair and the headpiece. Terrific colors. Love it!