Thursday, March 3, 2011


Yoli loves fencing and everything that is associated with swords. She told me that two years ago when she intended to commission an artwork from me. Unfortunately, we both got very busy and we had to postpone it. But Yoli and I never lost touch, we visited each other's blog and we became friends in the process. I also got a glimpse of how loving a mother she is to her three Chinese children: Sally, Little Man and Paloma.

"Touche", 5 x 7", Pen and Ink

It's not difficult to draw for a generous and kindhearted person like Yoli. In fact, I already had this image of her serenading three fledglings in the middle of an enchanted bamboo grove long before I decided to take on this commission. It was just a matter of overcoming the confidence she has in me to do an artwork for her.

Here it is, I hope it was worth the wait my friend.:)


  1. Oh sweet boy, you make misty eyed. Thank you for a work of art that touches my very soul. It will be treasured, as will your kindness and friendship.

  2. It's my pleasure Yoli! I'm glad that you like the postcards too.:)

    Wish you get the artwork back soon so that you can hang it on your wall.:)

  3. Absolutely brilliant and filled with such tenderness. Touché, in the very best way.