Saturday, October 29, 2011


I've been fortunate enough to help a friend develop her brand. Earlier this year, she asked me to create a logo for her accessories that was later on replaced by a new one that would represent their family's jewelry business. It wasn't that difficult to create both logos but it's when she asked me to illustrate the 12 birthstones that I had to really think hard.

It took me an entire month to come up with a concept and like all the projects I did for her in 10 years, it was worth it. It really feels great to be working with a friend who shares the same interests and passion in the arts and at the same time who writes very well. It was her interest in haiku and my love for realism that brought about this wabi-sabi-inspired drawing.

This is just one of the 12 drawings I made that will be used for their calendar. And I can't wait to read what my friend has to write for my illustrations. I'll also make sure to put one on my desk so I don't lose track of the dates when I should be updating this blog.hehe

PS: As a kid when asked for my favorite color, I'd proudly say aquamarine just to sound cool when I actually meant "cerulean blue". Kidding!:P


  1. Bjotnik,
    this is gorgeous as can be. Quite fun to see your art in color too. Yet to create lovely depth, shading and light with one color, well that is masterly.

  2. Exquisite work, Bjornik! Your gems truly sparkle and have such wonderful depth. The necklace is gorgeous as well! Can't wait to see more of your calendar.

  3. Lovely! My birthstone is Aquamarine. You've captured its essence perfectly. I love the tension in the water around the leaf. Gorgeous!