Friday, November 11, 2011

Mother and Child

"Mother and Child" 
9 x 12", pen and ink

This is the most recent pen and ink drawing I did for my friends' mom. She might just have the largest Mother and Child collection  here in the Philippines. It was featured in a TV program (our version of Ripley's) and shown to occupy three floors: paintings, sculptures, cards, figurines and to everything mother and child. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask for a picture while my friends were here to celebrate her birthday.:( Anyway, here are some details.

My mom keeps telling me that I was born at 11:11am. Today, 11-11-11, marks the 11th day past my 11,011th day in this world. Thanks mom! This one's for you too!;)


  1. oh my goodness! this overflows with charming details, the kind that make childhood a wonderful experience. I love this piece. How wonderful that it is part of a grand collection.

  2. ASTOUNDING! What a wonderful circle of love, like a warm embrace. You did not add just one more Mother and Child to her collection. Looks like there are at least 8 here. The bunnies may just be my favorite.

    I hear 11-11-11 will be an incredible day. I'm looking forward to it.


  3. I saw your website through a tumblr I follow. :) I love everything about your work, though I may not understand everything about it yet. I hope your work is displayed somewhere I can see. :)

    I am commenting on this post specifically because of the mention of the Philippines. :)