Friday, February 7, 2014

Mai and Ciara

Hi! I'm back to drawing in pen and ink again. I guess I've been too busy making toys that I forgot how fun drawing on paper is! I was surprised at how difficult it was to transition back from painting toys and putting those characters inside this intricate illustrations.

But I'm relieved to know that my wrist has fully recovered from CTS and I'm able to draw again without feeling any pain. Below is a whimsical portrait of a mother and daughter who enjoy both my toys and drawings. This one's for them, a Filipino-Chinese version of Mother and Child.

I'm also working on an exciting new project. Something that I didn't expect given where my focus was the past year. I'm posting some of its WIPs and sneak peeks over at instagram but if it's not your thing, check back next week for my most intricate drawing to date. 

1 comment:

  1. i find your drawings to be exquisite magical realms! again, the details amaze me!

    so glad to hear that your wrist has healed!