Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thank You

You have been with me through thick and thin because you didn't have a choice. It must have been very tough for you too. But somehow I find it sad that you must bid goodbye. We've had our share of highs and lows but generally it was a pretty relationship. We started out strong with hopes of mounting my own art exhibit. But things didn't fare well during our first month together and I ended up inside my cave, starving and fearing sunlight.

I dedicated my time, poured my soul and almost killed my fingers with every artwork that followed. But no matter how hard I tried, things still got blurry and I almost lost my eyesight. My kidney also gave up on me and my back hurt like hell. I got evicted out of my cave and was exiled to a sofa floating on a stream of night crawlers. It's a place where the sun doesn't shine on either. But we managed to continue where we had left off and finish the last two artworks despite the growing eyestrain under the periodic watch of curious roaches.

You suggested that I try a new medium and use oil paints after miserably failing with acrylic. But feelings for my first love prevailed and we succeeded with watercolor. Things got brighter between us when I finished Yuka and Red Threading. And we got things rolling with Phosphenes, Red Threading 2 and the 5 artworks from Pono Ko Balleng.

I came out of my refuge and you greeted me with the promise of a new beginning. Having seen the light for the first time after months of solitary isolation, I wandered blindly along a familiar path to my not so distant past. And you were there to reintroduce me to my friends. But a recluse would find it difficult to identify the past from the present and even more difficult in an attempt to belong. But it's good to be who I am for people still loved me for I who was. They showed me how it is to be happy again, gave me words of encouragement instead of giving up on me. A very special person even gave me a moleskine. I have true friends.

And now that we've almost reached the end of our journey, I humbly stand here before you with a deep sense of gratitude for showing me the way. Thank you 2008. And to my friends who are reading this right now, 2008 would have been hell without you. Thank you and mwahugs(sorry, but this sounds better than kiss sabay hug!):p

xmas card

PS: Thank you 2008 for John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo's "A Very Special Love"


  1. that was quite a love affair you had with 2008...start flirting anew with 2009 and good luck.

  2. Haha! Nice one Dan, thank you! Ikaw din, I hope everything will be perfect for you in 2009. Happy new year! Magremit ka naman...hehe