Tuesday, January 27, 2009


During the last post, I wrote about working on my second commission. It was actually an agreement made between my mother and me. And I burst into laughter after seeing how serious she looked when she said: "You draw a special artwork for my 50th birthday and we're quits with my giving birth to you." HAHAHAHAHA! She's the coolest mom ever!:)

11 ¾ “ x 16 ½“

I already had the blueprint of the piece laid out in my head to make her grand day golden. Unfortunately, due to some unexpected turn of events and mood swings, I came up with this that's entirely not a golden artwork material for a mother. In other words, I have to make a new one for her and Afrodite is now up for grabs. Enjoy the details everyone!

PS: I can still feel the tenderness of my fingers and back.:(


  1. I'm a fan of this, the details and concept, and overall look works well.hehe Maybe if I get rich enuf I'll buy your artworks.haha

    Ganda pre, ayus yung detalye tsaka yung intention din.hehe Astig!

  2. vain talaga si afrodite...di ba sabi matingnan ka lang ni afrodite mai-in love ka na, kaya ba naka pikit sya? but even your previous work nakapikit din ang babae, ano gusto ipahiwatig ng gumuhit? :D

  3. tsk tsk tensai da :D just look it up

  4. Amazing. This level of detail is wonderful, but your hands must be killing you :). Only kidding. Very nice work as always. Great fun to see your work progress.

    Thank you so much for your comments.

  5. gwapo ka... ay dili bitaw,gwapo ang artwork..hahahaha

  6. Oh wow! I absolutely love your drawings, what a great blog!

  7. hawda jud oi. giunsa mn nimo pagconceptualize ana uy. grabe jud ka detalyado. congrats bai, another beautiful work. i'm in awe. ;) malipay jud c ella ana. hehe.

  8. Jeez Louise, Bjornik! I'm still trying to figure out how you get all the fine shading and detail with your pen and ink. Exquisite! She is gorgeous, and I'm just giddy over the steampunk-like touches.

    Mom must have had a heck of a time getting you out! ;)

  9. Thanks for dropping by and for your kind comments mga kapatid.
    @ Menks: you don't have to be rich in order to have one of my drawings, all you need to do is start writing the story.:)
    @ Gingertea: ano naman gusto mo ipahiwatig ha?hehe di lang talaga ako marunong magdrawing ng mata.:P
    @ Takejiro, Ceangy and Icholle: salamat mga gwapa. Hinaot malipay lagi si Ella ani, murag akong pagkahimuot nga naingnag tensai ug gwapo. Ceang, I know you mean it.:P
    @ Christine, Peter and Bella: thank you so much for visiting again guys. Your comments motivate me to do more of this stuff even though my fingers are killing me.hehe And Bella, my mom said i was a big 7.4lb baby born at 11:11am after 6hrs of grueling labor.:)

  10. Thank you for your recent comment. Somehow, I have difficulty believing you would just draw a simple tree and ladder, are you kidding me?! I bet you couldn't do it if you tried. :) Can't wait to see what else you are dreaming up.

    Be well!

  11. I saw your works just at the moment on deviantArt. I'm really pleased to discover it all... I'ts so beautiful... Thanks for the enchantment!


  12. Your works are truly masterpieces, Bjorn. And I love Aphrodite. I hope to win the lotto tonight so that I can buy your artworks :)

  13. Her face is so beautiful. Your artwork is stunning.