Monday, January 19, 2009

Cupid's Long-Lost Twin Brother

Falling in love is one of the best feelings I know of. You think more of the girl in that picture you're holding in one hand, which you've probably stolen from her best friend's wallet. You close your eyes and fantasize about a candle-lit dinner by the sea; you open your eyes just to catch yourself kissing that lovestruck guy in the mirror with one hand in his pocket.:P

But it has been a different case for me. Since I began drawing nude or shall we say kama sutra art at an early age of five, I graduated from human anatomy before I knew the big difference between the words sex and love making. By then I mastered the use of charcoal and started charity work with Cupid. I was giving away simple 20-page scrapbooks to complex charcoal paintings of my friends hugging or kissing total strangers. Just like Vicky Belo, we were helping people fall in love with each other.

Just recently, I received two commission and gave my life a long thought. I've long retired from this kind of work but the imploring tone in this young lover's voice brought me to tears and made me pick up my bow and pencil. How could I fail to recognize this special talent of making everyone look like Brad Pitt? I knew I was meant for great things.:P

Just some Valentine gift ideas.;)


  1. Wui bjorn, unsai gilukdo anang babaye? Mura lagi nag pan... hehehe... :P

    Serious mode: hhmmm i dont see anything new in your blog? Is it the size of your header?

    Yup i really messed up my blog and now my links are gone. I will have to spend my whole Saturday re-building it. Eww kaay akong template kay pang-Valentines daw ingon ni Ceara.

  2. Hello Bjornik, thanks for stopping by my blog. You are so funny. I am laughing out loud reading your previous posts. Anyway, you are a fantastic illustrator. I love your work. Don't be a stranger.

  3. Yes, I grew up in the Philippines.

  4. ba sa gitna na nurse ang 'bridge' playing cupid nila stewardess and med staff? is that dish called 'love' is what the chef (?) is cooking up? ikaw talaga pati ba valentine tinatalo mo na rin?

  5. Bumabalentayms ka na ngayon ah. Haha. Kulit talaga ng mga posts mo. Nakakaaliw. Puro kalokohan. Hehe. Hoy Bjorn! Libre mo ko isaw! Eat-all-I-can dapat. Dami mo na raket eh. Hehe. Tawagan kita pag-uwi ko. Oki?

  6. Thanks for dropping by mga kapatid.:)
    pringish: tobol man ata na bai.hehe hope maayos na nimo imong blog uy, murag gi-massacre ba.:P
    ces: kung di ko lang nakita yung artworks at comments sa blog mo, di ko malalaman. hirap mag-english. nagkaka-nosebleed ako.
    gingertea & resty: ano to, reunion?haha