Monday, May 4, 2009

The King's Gambit

"The King's Gambit"
11 3/4" x 16 1/2"

He's been at the top of this blog for almost a year now, casting a suspicious gaze at the title. I don't know if anyone has already guessed who he is but from his eyes, one can only surmise that he doesn't trust the author.

He is one of the most important pieces in chess, though it doesn't necessarily mean that he is the most powerful. I mean all the other pieces protect him as far as sacrificing themselves while he inches his way to the corners of the board. He's so helpless that he needs to hide under the skirt of his pawns and usually flanked by his pet rooks. I don't know why they made the King old in this game. If it's wisdom, I'm really not buying it.:P

So here are some spot details of the king. And if you're wondering who is he looking at, it's the fianchettoing bishop who blocks his view of the beautiful queen. If I have the time, I might redraw the queen and make a triptych of the love triangle.


  1. Lovely work as always. I never learned how to play chess, I think as a child I preferred to just use the pieces to play checkers lol.

    I'll be back to see what unfolds of the love triangle!

  2. Wow... amazing... AMAZING... work. My mind is blown.

  3. Excellent! Fabulous! Unique!

  4. the fine details and your talent never cease to amaze me!

  5. I am just always amazed by the detail in your work! A stunning king...

  6. Fantastic! I like that he needs help holding up one side of his mustache... very cool.

  7. Are any of these for sale? I am in love with the old man. Now if only you could through in a knight for good measure.

  8. Bjorn(hic), I'm drunk off your details. All hail the king! Finally, we get to see him in all his glory. Every single bit is enthralling. Do the needles hurt?

    That really is amazing how you made those two pieces combine. Do they all combine, or just this love triangle? Who knew chess could have so much drama! :D

  9. I really love the wispy metallic feel of your details! Thanks for comments, I am actually working on getting my pieces together and investigating publishers... why is there so little time in a day! Do you have any books I should keep my eyes peeled for?

  10. Look at all the detail! AHHH STIPPLING!

  11. That bishop is one sunuvabitch... who he thinks he is? Freakin Lancelot?

    Well, I think the King in a chess game is oneself. The King is the one who makes the decisions, like a general. All the strategies and big parties that decides the Kingdom's future. And who makes the choices in a real game? The player who controls the pieces. SO I think that the King its like an incarnation of the player.

    Beautiful pieces as always!

  12. Thanks for the wonderful comments everyone!

    Vanessa, when I got bored with chess I also play checkers with my dog.:P

    Yoli, hmmm... I have something for you to watch out for.

    Bella, there were only 3 diptychs. I had thought of making it all connect with each other. But these were originally intended for an exhibit and it would be very frustrating if a person got to a single piece that would break the series.

    Emily, none yet but I'm working on it. Wow, I'm excited for you! Go Emily!

    Fran, thanks for the laugh! By the way, it's all fiction.

  13. The mustache, flowing beard and contemplative gaze seemed to suggest that guy on the blog header was some sagely wise advisor till your revealed him in his full form. NICE:)