Friday, May 1, 2009

Tickle me Pink

It took me two months to think about submitting myself to the ire of crocodiles. I've asked for my artist friends' opinions and those in the media if it was a safe subject. After much prodding and reassurance, I proceeded with the line art and 2 days later, I decided that I'd paint them pink. I retired from mixing red and titanium white thinking I could never come up with the desired hue and headed to the mall to buy a tube of the premixed pink. They call it Opera Rose and I was hesitant to buy it at first because I had never used shocking pink in any of my paintings. And because I am impulsive at times, I also bought a tube of Magenta for more gayness and two round brushes to replace my 5-year old set that was given to me by my boss.haha

I came out of the bookstore and was convoyed by a slow moving group of five ladies wearing pink and one wearing magenta. How's that for more reassurance. I strolled around for a while to check out new stores in the mall that I last visited 5 years ago and was surprised that pink was the color of the day. They all seem to be smiling at me and I wanted to wave at them. I was even more surprised to see that the color of this year's competition poster was pink! And here's more, somebody emailed me a picture of my dream laptop. Not pink but still cool. I'm not the gadget-type of man but I can't help but fall in love with this one:

One of five designer edition MacBook Air

The crocodiles are already pink and I really find them cute. I'm sorry if I can't treat you with a preview yet but I promise to post it here with my oil painting when the time is right.

And about my mother, she was so happy to hear that she was greeted by wonderful people from around the world. She already thinks she's famous and is planning to give all those who wished her a happy birthday QUAILS. And she's serious about it.hahaha I think she was so overwhelmed by the attention that she never mentioned Eve's Nest to me.hahaha She was more excited about the package from Japan that arrived in our house that contained this:

This is just one of the 5 illustrations in the "Pono Ko Bal-leng?" series that I submitted to the 16th Noma Concours. Unfortunately, I didn't make it to the 20 encouragement awards. Anyway, when asked if Eve's Nest already arrived, my mom said "Oh yes, she's such a beautiful villain. Just like me".hahaha I love my mom!


  1. Whuh? Hey! I was tricked. Here I was, expecting to see pink crocodile tears, and I got crocodile tears of another sort. What a fake out. ;D

    I do hope your pink piece comes out as you hope. I seem to remember hearing that a certain shade of hot pink can turn a person aggressive if they stare at it too long. Just a bit of useless trivia. Might not even be true. But perhaps you should wear shades, just in case.

    Your mother is wonderful! Haha! I hope she enjoyed her day, and I'm sure she was stunned by Eve's beauty. Our new home has wild quails all around. She would like it there.

    As for this illustration series....once again, you wow me. I love it! The costumes, their postures! So rich in detail and culture. And I just noticed the wee little baby in the family portrait. Oh, gorgeous, the family love. I do hope you learn the language, and I think it is highly commendable for you to preserve your heritage.

    Sorry for the extra long comment.

  2. What no comments! Your Mum is an absolute star, isn't she? 'Better not praise him too much, he might get big headed'!! Or some such maybe? I can't wait to see the pink crocodiles, pink is definitely the 'in' colour so they should do well. Fancy those ladies wearing pink and magenta! An omen I think.

    Continuing to love your art and your blog - and your Mum of course,


  3. I want that Macbook Bjorn! :)