Monday, August 30, 2010

PIN: Bumblebee Yuka

Hey guys! I apologize to the followers and visitors of this blog for the lack of new posts. You might be tired of seeing the same entry prior to this but I retained that for a good reason. My Showtime artwork has been featured in numerous websites including those in Germany, thanks to the great team of Sounds of Subterannia and Julia Meyn of Monopolisten. Amir Sufi or Amos himself also liked my Facebook page and even commented on my album cover saying it's a masterpiece and he really loves it. Really cool guy!

After Showtime, I decided to take a break and dedicate my time to my family and friends. During my free time, I started doing studies of my next series in pen & ink. Then made a few artworks for some cool contest in dA(will post next) and a sketch for Nucleus's Power in Numbers(PIN).

If you've been following my work for some time now, then you must have seen Yuka already. This time, I made a little sketch (5"x7") for PIN. If sold it will benefit the World Wildlife Fund. I also reserved a surprise item for the lucky buyer.:) You can get this adorable Yuka at Nucleus Gallery.


  1. adorable Yuka is right! I love your art, every time i see it I am in awe and inspired. I love every little detail. I also love that you are being honored with sales and notoriety!

    Thank you for your lovely comment. I have just begun doing art this March. well i have always been artistic, but learning to draw.... that is new and so much fun!

  2. She's just adorable! ^^ Looking forward to see the dA contest artworks!!!

    Thank you for your kind comment!

  3. I had seen your drawing on Renee's blog and came over to enjoy your other work.
    I must say, the linework on the dark area of this current drawing is exactly like Ces's style on her acorns and leaves.
    Quite interesting.....quite interesting.....


  4. So cute - your work is always fascinating to look at! Thanks for visiting - yes, I'm living in Malaysia and loving it! Mangosteens are favourites of mine too - I had some starfruit that I wanted to draw so cut that up too, but really don't like to eat it - so bitter!

  5. adorable nga sya...hehe! 'musta na tol?! =) ang galing pa din ng mga likha mo. ingat lagi!

  6. Hi Björn! Thank you so much for your words : D And you made me fall in love AGAIN! Your Yuka is absolutely precious! Kisses Kisses : ****