Wednesday, September 15, 2010

From dA 25 to DA 11

Trik or Twit

Last month, I entered an exciting contest sponsored by deviantArt and Sony. We were asked to design a skin for the Sony Trik product based on a music genre that can be found in an iPod. There were a number of interesting designs from very young artists yet I was fortunate enough to make it as one of the 25 semifinalists.

Trik or Twit detail

My design was inspired by my favorite the Dave Matthews Band. In fact, I'd been listening to them for over a month when I did this. And since I couldn't convince my own mother that I can sing like him, I thought I'd employ my awesome buddies and do a cover as Trik and Twit.hehe But our serenade was not enough to wow the judges from Sony as they were looking for simpler and unisex designs.You can view the winners here. Anyway, here's how it looks on the iPod dock.

On other news, my traditional art along with amazing artists' creations is now featured in this month's issue of Digital Artist. They have these little features to inform their readers of inspiring art. It was a surprise and an honor to be included in a digital arts magazine. I can't wait for my copy to arrive... thanks Carly! If you're into digital art, I suggest you grab a copy now by clicking on the image below.


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  1. Well, it's First Place in my book! Awww, the little guy in the corner forgot to plug in his electric tuba. Love the dude with the lighter. Rock on!